Become a Full-Time Gaming Content Creator
Become a Full-Time Gaming Content Creator

Become a Full-Time Gaming Content Creator

SMSU is the #1 school to learn the skills to succeed as a streamer & content creator so you can do more of what you love and support your family.

Enroll in Stream Branding Foundations
Build a Thriving Community
Build a Thriving Community

Learn how to attract the right viewers so you build a community that supports you on your journey.

See Growth Faster
See Growth Faster

Learn exactly what to focus on when streaming & creating content so you see results in less time.

Generate Revenue
Generate Revenue

Learn how to make money from your content so you can go full-time and support your family.

We Understand Where You Are Currently At In Your Journey

  • You are creating content & streaming, but your views aren't increasing.

  • You are confused and unclear on the first step to building a community.

  • You are doing the same things as everyone else and don't know how to stand out.

  • You are unclear on what to do to generate money to go full-time.

If this is where you're currently at Stream Branding Foundations is perfect for you!

How Can SMSU Help Me?

Just like most streamers and gaming content creators you are most likely spending countless hours streaming & creating content that hardly gets any viewers, leaving you discouraged and hardly reaching a level of income that can support you even for a day, which keeps you trapped at your 9-5 job.

At SMSU, we take the mystery out of growing your gaming content by providing you with a practical framework you can use to grow your community and income to go full-time.

When you join SMSU, you will no longer be grinding endlessly with no results, you will be creating with a purpose, growing daily and creating a life that you enjoy and will be in control of as a successful gaming content creator.

What Will I Learn in Stream Branding Foundations?

Take a look below to see all the lessons included.

Who Will Be Teaching Me?

Anthony "LAS Curry" Santana
Live Streaming Expert, Educator & Speaker.

Welcome, I'm so happy you have decided to invest in yourself so you can make your dream of becoming a full time gaming content creator a reality.

As you may know I've had the honor of being able to teach thousands of gaming content creators on YouTube how to start live streaming using tools like OBS Studio & Streamlabs along with sharing the best live streaming equipment & software to start streaming on Twitch, Facebook & YouTube.

I created Streaming Marketing Secrets University with one mission in mind, and that's to help 10,000 purpose driven gaming content creators within the next 5 years go full-time doing what they love so they can create an impact with the content they create.

It would be amazing to have you be a part of that 10,000 so we can grow together.

It all starts with you making a decision to believe that you can do this and that SMSU is the resource to help you get there faster.

So look at where your currently at, and if it's not where you want to be, then it's time for a change.

Enroll in Stream Branding Foundations and you will see how much faster you will grow when you have clarity and a framework to follow.

I'll see you inside the class!

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1 - Watch the introduction video to learn more about Stream Branding Foundations and everything you will learn in this stage of SMSU.

Step 2 - Once you finish watching the video and are 100% certain you are ready to go to the next level with your stream and content click the button below to enroll in the class.

Step 3 - Once you enroll you will get access to "Day 1 - Creating Your Creation Story", which will be the key to building your community.

Bonus: You will have access to Stream Branding Foundations for as long as the class is a part of SMSU, allowing you to always come back to the lessons if you need to.

Enroll in Stream Branding Foundations